Our Services

Local & Long-Haul Trucking

We provide local and long haul trucking services for all types of freight. Our logistics team expertly considers all factors affecting your local and long distance shipments from origin to destination. With a comprehensive perspective, we can construct a shipping plan that safely and cost-effectively transports your freight as quickly as possible.

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Draying Services

Faith Trucking provides drayage services to and from the Baltimore Port, Marylnd. We handle standard ocean freight containers, over-weight and over-dimensional shipments, and hazmat material shipments.

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For shippers exporting items from multiple origins to a single foreign port, we offer complete transloading/cross-docking services to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your shipments. We help with logistics planning and provide all the services you need to get your products from their origin, into full ocean freight containers, and on a ship bound for their destination port.

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We offer complete warehousing and distribution services. We can receive your goods, segregate them as needed, place them into inventory, store and prepare them for distribution or final destination. We handle warehousing services for commodities including refrigerated freight, domestic shipments, and import or export goods.

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Why choose Faith Trucking ?

Faith Trucking LLC realizes not all freight can be handled the same. Our customer service representatives know what questions to ask in order to achieve an ideal, cost effective transportation solution for your product. Our load to go or one-time cross dock handling means your freight will be delivered direct to your customer, resulting in less exposure for damages to occur. From electronics, cabinetry, flagpoles, uncrated motorcycles, and machinery, Manning has been successful at picking up and delivering your freight on time with no damages.

  • Customs bonded container transport
  • LTL local deliveries
  • Flatbed shipments
  • Local deliveries
  • Long distance trucking
  • Over-weight trucking (Utilize 20' and 40' tri-axle chassis)
  • Over-dimensional freight
  • Drop decks
  • Double drop decks (Able to carry cargo 44' max. x 150 inch max. height)
  • Hazmat Certified
  • Refrigerated Trucking

More About Our Trucking Services Offered


From delivering goods directly to your customers, to transporting parts from storage to your manufacturing facility, Faith Trucking meets your critical needs by providing just-in-time delivery.


Faith Trucking has the flexibility to establish a routine pickup / delivery schedule with your business, from once a week, to once every three hours.


Our fleet of vehicles, which ranges from vans to tractor trailers, allows us to accept shipments of all sizes.


Faith Trucking is able to respond quickly to emergency shipment requests. Within a designated territory, we can be at your door in 30 minutes.


Our impeccable record over the past 100 years shows that shipments reach their destination both safely and on time.


Our transportation professionals have been with our company for years. Each one has helped Faith Trucking earn our reputation for dependability.


Faith Trucking will do everything possible to insure that our clients' transportation needs are met. This includes partnering with other companies.

Our Competitive Advantage

Fiscal Efficiency

Faith Trucking makes every effort to minimize demurrage and detention charges. We proactively manage on-dock and off-dock time limits.

Off-Peak Service Reduces Port Costs

We work around the clock, including night pulls and returns, enabling you to avoid the PierPass upcharge for peak hour moves. Slip seat operations keep vehicles on the road while addressing drivers' hours of service limits.

Quick Turnaround

We can quickly move containers to off-terminal locations. We can pre-pull full loads to nearby container yards for delivery to your customer's facility.